the next thought

If consciousness could see itself
maybe it could see how it goes wrong
but an eye can’t see itself
and consciousness can only discern its reflection
in the consequences of its errors and successes.

Of course it’s safer to look at those
before we speak or act
if we can manage an unhurried life.
Some slackers even find time to construct
intricate models of the inner stream
with diagrams, words and the wondrous power
of imagination.

But accurately modelling consciousness was not easy
for the ancients because they didn’t know
whether bodies actually existed
outside of the senses, thinking the world perhaps
a necessary fiction
tho consciousness is self-evidently real
but so is imagination and that’s another reason
why the task is still hard.

And modelling consciousness is still not easy
because so much of it is shaped by energies
hidden in the darkness of past events partly or
completely forgotten, some of them so painful
our systems had to neutralize them
within zones of numbness automatically ignored
by selective attention which ignores all that is not
illumined by the warm light of desire
or the cold light of hate.

But if you still wish to imagine a consciousness
in an imagined world, let’s imagine
that this world has a dimension of parallel timelines
generated by brief meteors of sensation, memory or
thoughts that brightly flare
just long enough to share their qualities,
the fading with the growing, in a vast river
of parallel moments like firefish swimming
thru the light and height, breadth and breath
of now

so the fading fade into the growing again
life after life, thought after thought.
Like the very next thought–
do you know what it will be?

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