A Parallel Earth

Gebtu was the most important religious center in the area. Its principal male deity was Min, a sky-god whose symbol was a thunderbolt. He became a male fertility deity, and also was regarded as the male deity of the desert region to the east.

The gods inhabit a parallel Earth

imagined by collectives of submissive minds,

an Earth abstracted from reality,

an Earth populated by imaginary species

including the one that imagines it is wise.

A collective dream puts the world to sleep

as it entertains us passengers on our unsinkable ship

serenely plowing thru the plasticated sea, the band playing

to distract us from thinking about the wretched

lifeboats overfilled with refugees

from smoking villages and sinking coast cities.

To distract us from asking why

this world of dreams and lies?

What is their source?

Our real brains of course

floating here in real heads atop real bodies

in our separate lifeboats, cabins and deck chairs.

But now we know

that the gods only think

if we think their thoughts

instead of our own,

only speak if we speak their words

instead of our own,

only have bodies if we embody them

instead of our own unique, unfolding natures,

yours and mine.




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