An unwavering eye

So you say you talk to people who lived centuries ago. Are you saying that the Red Monk travels into his future to visit the Cafe or that you travel into the past to visit him?

 No, the Immortals live now but they never grow old because they don’t have physical bodies of their own. They have imaginary bodies, sustained by the imaginations of their believers and to some extent they are embodied by their worshippers or avatars. Each believer embodies a different version or aspect of each god or buddha and if their versions are harmonious they share a common kerygma of dogma or a more flexible communion like gnostics, pagans or some Buddhist schools.

 But the immortals are not really immortal. Buddhists sometimes call them the long-lived gods because they can survive for millennia so long as they are embodied or honoured by mortals. They are also called immortals because they symbolize and sometimes embody immortal truths about life, such as love, conflict, chaos, impermanence and the conditional nature of all forms.

 So when all believers and their gods have perished what happens to the immortal truths?

 They continue to exist as latent realities until life, however rudimentary, emerges again on this or other planets and if it evolves eyes that can see them and hypostatise them as entities they become visible in words, icons and exstatic visions.

 So the immortals never change?

 Every life form changes but as long as we exist we reflect and embody the immortal truths. The immortals embody and exhibit them more clearly but every example of life reveals them to an unwavering eye.