Sometimes I have to say


Sometimes i have to say
to answer the terrible news
i feel compelled to read
perhaps hoping that this morning
something will have changed
I missed the Green New Deal town hall
because the kids wanted to watch
beautiful young millionaires toss
spheres of absorbent polyurethane
into distant hoops
the shot begins at the balls of the feet
arcs thru the body and escapes
from the fingertips
like the arc that sends an axe head
thru a round of pine
yesterday I heard a rusty saw say
I can’t I can’t I can’t
fuck that I said and heard it change to
I can I can I can
then the shed door opened with a sigh
or was it a hi!
matter often speaks to me
tho more and more inaudibly
as age steals my ears
there is no medicare for hearing aids
since only people with money need to hear
what people with money are saying
so I can only hear what you have to say
when you are within arms length
in groups I am in a sphere of silence
lapped by mysterious vowels
thus I’ve come to the habit of deciphering
even the voices of saws and doors

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